king movies and his bliss music

To all of the queen and the king shows 10 K Fan Club Members who pay one dollar or more to enter to see the show:
this will allow you to go in and buy, purchase a download, or view other content.
Our Famous World Internet The King Or Queen Shows Royal New Theaters... ETC
To all who come in to shop here with us has the privilege to use the king orthe queen lynn coupon with any purchase.... Please don't forget this coupon is... PLKING please write it down......
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Welcome To The World Famous - The Royal King & Queen Show

Every old or new star: by coming online to our king or queen shows by you entering in an agreeing to all the rules - and of these contracts that I have read concern me as his or her famous queen and king show etc stars I do know by me coming back I am saying yes to all the work that I have done in the past still remains the 10 K King show ETC. Fan Club property. By me paying a dollar or more to see a show I do know this contract today that I agreed to holds true for the past performance - on anything I have done here at any time in the past in the present time or in the future I do solemenly declare and I do wholeheartedly agree to all the King Pa'Sacio Davinci ECT. And his rules and binding laws concerning me to and with me in these contracts this is my update new contracts I will stay true to all of them - follow and will obey the king Davinci's laws - his rules etc. Yes you are back with us but remember that you must pay your monthly adult dues on the 1st of ever month kid from the age of 1 - 17 every one must open up a Bank of America Adults Account and a kid minors account to sign them up accepted by the King Pa'sacio Divinci only that bank.

Follow the King and the Queen Royal Laws and Rules - It has proven to work over 23 years because: Pa'Sacio Knows

To Young Adults Who Want To Learn How To Do Art - Also Oil painting ETC

The King Rules

To all of my valuable 10-K Fan Club Members:

By you choosing to join us as a fan member this will permit you to have the privilege to function in any of the King or the Queen Lynn shows. Your payment start on the 1st of each month! Remember all King Show Fans, there is a late fee after ten days, with a risk of being written up!

To all of the queen and the king shows: there is a two and a half years paying money for those classes that you choose to sign-up and join and learn that craft proven by the queen Lynn and the King Pa'Sacio ways of doing all of their original creative stuff one of a kind for the visible world to learn how to do all of our super masterpiece of joy and you click in your brilliant mind believe in yourself that you can do REMBER THAT EVERY ONE HERE WILL BECOME THEIR OWN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR - AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE SUCCESSFUL CLESSES THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED BY THE KING PA,SACIO DAVINCI YOU WILL RECEIVE LICENSE BY THE KINGS ........APPROVAL THAT WORK THAT YOU HAVE STUDDED AND LEARN HOW- TO DO - THE JOBS WELL DONE....................THE END - THE KING HAS SPOKEN .

king movies and his bliss music

King Show World Foundation

Established on July 16,1997

To all of my valuable fans of The King Show Live Entertaining Company of America. Would you like to become a member?
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